ST. Elmo’s Fire- Vol. 1 Really in Love! (’79-’84)

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This is the first CD in a 4 volume set. A compilation of the first years of the original St. Elmos Fire from 1979 through 1984. With vocalist/lyricist Tim Raynor-Allwein, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones, drummer Alan Kreutzer and bassist Steve Raynor you will see and hear what made this group so popular. And it has a little bit of everything, from studio tracks to live recordings and demos. The limited edition packaging also includes many photos never before seen.

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records
Artist: St. Elmos Fire
Catalog No.: XXX003
Title: Vol. 1: Really in Love ! (Psycho Rockers ‘79-‘84)

1. Summertime Girls
(recorded 1984)
2. Loves’s a Big Word
(recorded 1983)
3. I’m Sorry (live)
(rec. at Picnic Day in Davis, California april,1981)
4. Really in Love
( recorded 1981)
5. Burning Rubber (live)
( rec. at the Brewery in Davis, Ca. 1980)
6. Swineherd
( recorded 1981)
7. Underalls (live)
( rec. at the Brewery in Davis, Ca. 1980)

( recorded 1981)
8. Happy With You ( live)
(recorded 1981)
9, Cold in the Night (live)
(rec. at Picnic Day in Davis, California april,1981)
10. Tried and True
(recorded 1980)
11. Take the Wires Out of My Head
(recorded 1980)
12. Too Bad (alternate version)
13.Radio Interview clip “ on forming the band”
(recorded 1980
14 Radio Interview clip “ on psycho lyrics”
(recorded 1980)
15. Radio Interview clip “ more psycho lyrics”
(recorded 1980)

All rights reserved
All songs written by Jeff Jones and Tim Raynor-Allwein

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limited edition 4 panel ecopak

St Elmos Fire Vol 1 Really in Love! (Psycho Rockers ‘79-’84)