Vamp Le Stat- Bloodline 2 “Thrill of the Kill”

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The sequel to “Bloodline” by Vamp Le Stat, one of the 90’s most popular indie rock albums.“Bloodline 2:Thrill of the Kill” continues the story of Suzie (Madame Blue),a rocker/stripper who just happens to be a incredibly sexy and vicious vampire.
The album was written and recorded in 1994 just after the release of “Bloodline” and never has been heard until now. It features all the original members of Vamp Le Stat

Label: XXX Records
Artist: Vamp Le Stat
Catalog No.: XXX001

Title: BLOODLINE 2: Thrill of the Kill

1. Thrill of the Kill (return of Madame Blue)
( Jeff Jones/ Jimmy Tuttle)
2. All Out of Love
( Jeff Jones)
3. Another Night in Hell
( Jeff Jones)
4. Hellbent Hooligans
( Jeff Jones/ Jimmy Tuttle )
5. Back on the Pole
( Jeff Jones/ Jimmy Tuttle )
6. Suzie Feeds
( Jeff Jones)
7. What You Gonna Do?
( Jeff Jones / Jimmy Tuttle )
8. Pile High the Money
( Jeff Jones / Jimmy Tuttle / Brian Boozer )
9. Sleazegrinder
( Jeff Jones / Jimmy Tuttle )
10. Madame Blue epilogue
(Jeff Jones)

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