Vamp Le Stat – Bloodline (expanded and remastered edition)

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Label: XXX Records

Artist: Vamp Le Stat

Catalog No.: XXX008

Title: BLOODLINE : Rites of Passage (expanded remastered edition)


  1. Madame Blue (Jeff Jones)
  2. Swing Child (Brian Boozer / Jimmy Tuttle / Jeff Jones)
  3. Bitch (Jeff Jones)
  4. She’s Not in Love Anymore (Jeff Jones)
  5. Guns 4 Hire (Jimmy Tuttle)
  6. Chain Around My Heart (Jeff Jones)
  7. Madame Blue (studio reference mix)  (Jeff Jones)
  8. Swing Child (studio reference mix) (Jeff Jones)
  9. She’s Not In Love Anymore (studio reference mix) (Jeff Jones)
  10. Guns 4 Hire (studio reference mix) (Jeff Jones)
  11. Chain Around My Heart (studio reference mix) (Jeff Jones)