Vamp Le Stat- Music to Strip To! “Live 1994”

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The phenomenal final performance of the original Vamp le Stat captured live in 1995. This 7 track CD is very unique because it contains 6 songs never heard before. The band intended on recording them in the studio later for a new album but broke up instead. This album documents just how ass kicking Vamp Le Stat was live. Includes a live version of “She’s Not In Love”

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records
Artist: Vamp Le Stat
Catalog No.:XXX002

Title: Music to Strip to!! Live 1994

1. Revolution
( Jimmy Tuttle / Jeff Jones
2. Cantina Woman
( Brian Boozer / Jimmy Tuttle / Jeff Jones )
3. Chained Up
( Jeff Jones )
4. Dirty Girl
( Jeff Jones )
5. Love in a Bottle
( Brian Boozer / Jimmy Tuttle / Jeff Jones )
6. Shattered Love
( Jeff Jones )
7. She’s Not in Love (live)
( Jeff Jones )

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