Jeff Jones “Spaced” review in Metal Integral France “..8/10 this beautiful and honest album..”

JEFF JONES is a compulsive worker ,I mean for example, all the  studio and live albums released either solo or within VAMP LE STAT , ST. ELMO’S FIRE. KEESTER and JJ JONASSON ). Here I am reviewing  one of his last solo productions, his 2010 “Spaced” CD on his XXX RECORDS label..

Armed with his Gibson guitar, JEFF JONES composed, performed and recorded the totality of Spaced ,  twelve titles based on his Hard-Rock , Roots-Rock style . This opus is listened to easily, and listening to it I think of crossing the great American west with this superb collection of car songs (a`convertible maybe!) So why not  the great French west as well!?! I dream, I digress…) Just listen  to  “Spaced” and discover this beautiful and honest album!

! (June 2011) See also St. Elmo’s Fire, Vamp Le Stat, Keester, Rockhard)


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