JEFF JONES- Rockhard ’86-’96- Mundorock review “..9/10 stars!!..recommended..”

Jeff Jones has created the label XXX Records, which is responsible for publishing many of his solo recording projects and different bands which he participated in. And what a great success! And thanks to this effort has been releasing many musical gems that had been hidden over the years.

This “Rockhard ’86-’96” is a collection of diverse material from Jeff. It represents his music both as a solo artist as well as St. Elmo’s Fire and Vamp Le Stat. So you may notice the progression and changes over the years. But always with high quality every step of the way.

The sound from his time with St. Elmo’s Fire are different because they show  more of a  harder  rock style, with influences of bands like Dokken and Stryper. Then it passes through Vamp Le Stat Jeff shows a more sleazier side with sounds, close to bands like LA Guns. And finally, the solo tracks are more traditional rock and roll, sort of “Americana.”

In conclusion, a good appetizer to review the music of Jeff Jones. Recommended. (see also Keester and Spaced)
(Review by Diego Ramírez, May 2011)


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