JEFF JONES-Rockhard ’86-’96 review in Rockingboy “..8/10..a collection of 13 stunning songs..”

Jeff Jones has re-released on his label XXX Records America several slices of his past. Including some records of the glam rockers VAMP LE STAT and from ST. ELMO’S FIRE. Under the banner of “Rock Hard ’86 – ’96” there are again some of the works of this American guitarist / songwriter. If you like, this record is a kind of Best Of ..  included are solo pieces, songs of VAMP LE STAT and  in particular ST. ELMO’S FIRE. This band was indeed founded in 1978 and released their last disc in 1992 .. There are four songs from it 1988 Album “Warning From The Sky”, 2 songs from the 1990 album “Power Drive” and 2 from the 1986 debut ‘St. Elmo’s Fire. “In addition to these pieces were also  3 more of VAMP LE STAT and their 1993’s release “Blood Line” and a song of Jeff’s solo album “Spaced. ” Also there is a demo version of “Breakin Out “.
“Rock Hard ’86 – ’96” is a beautiful collection of  13 stunning songs, which is due to  the talent of Jeff Jones , for he has always had raw talent for Metal / Hard Rock without frills or fanfare. Glossy fetishists are indeed at the wrong address, but every real Metal Head can  go into the time machine and make a dignified journey into the world of Jeff Jones – and there is a lot to discover. It’s worth it! 8/10 points

see also Spaced. Keester


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