St. Elmo’s Fire ( Jeff Jones) “Powerdrive” CD review from Iron Fist (UK) contains the sort of no frills, workman like music that makes a refreshing change to some of the lukewarm ersatz pap that’s currently being praised to the heavens.
Cuts like “Smoking Gun” and “iso;ation” are solid rockers with punchy riffs and catchy chorusesm
On other tracks ST. ELMO’S FIRE takes a stab at the epic style – the resultant “City Behind the Walls” with its menacing guitar and tasteful acoustic middle section more than satisfies.
The albums high point is the excellent, laidback, almost Scorpion s- like  ballad “I need Your Touch”
“Powerdrive” aint gonna where no band had gone before and probably not be the next “Hysteria” (thank god !) but I can safely say it’s a fine addition o your album collection if you like your rock uptempo, gutsy sans make-up and hairspray!!

spaced rockhard


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