St. Elmo’s Fire ( Jeff Jones)- “St. Elmo’s Fire” Rockhard Magazine (Germany) album review

The debut album from a band that has been around since 1980. In the band we find drummer KRIS GUSTOFSON who previously played with CLIFF BURTON in Trauma ( Scratch and Scream).
In the intro St. Elmo’s Fire sets the tone; Turbo train type guitars reminiscent of the Scorpions since the singer has a Klause Meine tone in his voice. Most especially on songs such as “Into the Night”, More Than the Air” and “Into the Night”.
JEFF JONES the main songwriter and guitar player of the group is far from monotonous on the 6 string. The songs are catchy and well worked out.The group for its first effort shows great maturity. No drawback in this bunch! This results in a full cup without the waste of a single drop!

spaced rockhard


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