St. Elmo’s Fire (Jeff Jones) -”St. Elmo’s Fire” album review in Enfer Magazine (France)

Just another four blondes from California? Not sure, in fact what is for sure is that one has plenty to feast on. St. Elmo’s Fire has the merit to escape the Motley Crue syndrome with more intelligence than their Hollywood collegues. This is mainly due to the composer/guitarist Jeff Jones. The harmonic scales move from the frenzied “Into the Night” , the Amazing “Too Bad”, and other songs such as “Inside of the Hunter”. The band displays an air of spontaneity far from the petrified qualities of most commercial music. Finally singer Zane Lazar needs to ne mentioned. His voice defines the music of St. Elmo’s Fire as “Whisky Metal”! Furthermore I would add /on the rocks” ,the finest blend, Drink up!

spaced rockhard


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