St. Elmo’s Fire ( Jeff Jones) “Powerdrive” review in Metal Shock Magazine (Italy)

I have said previously I’ve had a great love of them ever since their first album “St. Elmo’s Fire”. Since then they have beat the streets of America supporting Nazareth, Y&T, Nightranger and Leatherwolf, bands they are rather  similar to but the sound , in my opinion , of the above mentioned groups is very much below St. Elmo’s Fire.  These guys harbor results that are decidedly a rock n’ roll festival., The band represents pure California rock to the bone. Whereas Motley Crue starts to annoy, St. Elmo’s Fire is a top rate group. They are fresh, and have so much to offer. There is something in their music that alters the hearing. On this album there is very little commercial material. “City Behind the Walls” for example is very rock and grabs  you without intellectualizing.
In particular  JEFF JONES plays very good guitar, he knows how to write songs of the first quality and also produces albums with incredible results. An album to occupy yourself with as soon as possible, especially if you havent purchased their previous albums.

4 out of 5 knives

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