Vamp le Stat- Bloodline CD review in Mariosmetalworld Italy “..8/10 rating.. Sounds nice after all these years..!”

Well, this is a re-issue of the first album of Californian Glam rockers VAMP LE STAT, titled “Bloodline”. VAMP LE STAT was formed in 1991, but it was 1992 when the band really came together. The first line-up of VAMP LE STAT existed of Jimmy Tuttle (vocals, guitar), Jeff Jones (guitar, vocals), Brian Boozer (bass, keyboard, vocals) and Bret Blackburn (drums). This debut album “Bloodline” was released in 1993, and was meant for their fans. At that time there were only 2000 copies pressed of “Bloodline”. So, now “Bloodline” is re-issued by XXX Records America with a new packaging and with 5 bonus tracks. on the album.  Anyway, let’s get back to this album. While I was listening to Bloodline several times, VAMP LE STAT reminded me musically of bands such as BON JOVI, POISON, LED ZEPPELIN, KINGDOM COME and SKID ROW. And I must admit that it still sounds nice after all those years. The band existed of good musicians and Tuttle is a pretty good singer as well. Also the production is good, which was done by Jones. So, “Bloodline” is still a nice Glam-, Hard Rock album which Glam fans should check out (also this re-release is  a limited edition ). The ballad “She’s Not In Love Anymore” sounds nice, . “Guns 4 Hire” is a fast rocker with double bass drums, . Anyway, I would say that the best songs on “Bloodline” are the original album versions of “Madame Blue”, “Swing Child”, “Bitch”, “Guns 4 Hire” and “Chain Around My Heart”.

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