Vamp le Stat- Bloodline cd review in Rock Pit “’s great to see this lost gem get a reissue..”

Vamp Le Stat back in 1993 released a six track indie sleaze rock classic that has long been sought after by those in the know. XXX Records has come to the party and re-released what was becoming a very pricey and hard to find collectable. Here’s what all the fuss was about….
Originally an indie release from 1993 with a huge cult status it’s great to see this lost gem get a reissue with bonus tracks. Last year saw Writer/Guitarist Jeff Jones put out a number of releases on the XXX Records label and we’ll look at some of his other stuff very soon…

As far as the mysterious Vamp Le Stat is concerned this is well worth picking up. Some ‘cult’ albums disappoint when you actually hear them but this one definitely has something. It may be a little raw, but in the context of this sort of sleazy hard rock with a bluesy tinge that only adds to the aural patina!

Imagine a sound somewhere between early Skid Row, Wildside and Motley Crue with a sort of later Cinderella or even Sweet F.A, stab at the blues and you’ll be somewhere close as far as sound goes ..and the songs themselves do stand up well. With a heap of bonus tracks/remixes from the original release it’s also good value and as most of the songs are on the longer side.

My personal favourite here is the bluesy swagger of ‘Swing Child’ and I favour the remix over the original. But there’s a lot to here to like, with only the ballad “She’s Not In Love Anymore” seemingly beating singer Tuttle’s rather Vince Neil-like voice.  In truth though these guys aren’t a band for ballads: “Guns 4 Hire” kicks ass; as does opener “Madame Blue” which builds into a great Motley metal stomp of a song. “Chains Around My Heart” too isn’t a bad stab at something a little more melodic. There’s a lose concept in there about a vampire stripper too, which can’t be all bad! Check it out if you get the chance and be sure to put Jeff Jones on your list of artists to investigate.
(Mark Diggins) July 2011 see also Spaced, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Jeff Jones)


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