VAMP LE STAT -Bloodline review in Rock Report “ ..rated 5 out of 6 stars!..a huge sound..much sought after by glam metal fans!..’”

Jeff Jones is what you call a muliti-talented person. He started out as the guitarist and founding member of melodic hard rock act St. Elmo’s Fire (with whom he released 4 albums between 86 and 92), he then went on to join glamsters Vamp Le Stat but in 94 he left the ranks of the band to record his first solo offering. 3 years later he was joined by former VLS drummer Bret Blackburn in Keester, a punk/alternative act and in 2006 he reapeared on the scene as a member of Amsterdam for their B.U.R.S.T. album . Last year Jeff thought the time had come to take matters in to his own hands when it comes to releasing and producing albums by new talented acts as well as giving new life to recordings by his former projects so he formed XXX Records America.
And one of the albums that has been honoured with a re-release is Vamp Le Stat’s 1993 EP “Bloodline”. Originally put out as an independant, fans-only package a limited 2000 copies were pressed so needless to say it quickly become a much sought after item for glam/hair metal fans.
While the original album contained a mere 6 tracks which nonetheless clocked in at more than 30 minutes, the 2011 version offers 11 cuts , comes in a limited edition collector’s package and has been given a remastering job.
The 5 bonus cuts are not new songs but recordings used for the “Bloodline” EP before its completion and feature no keyboards or intros.
Musically the band falls withing the glam/hair metal category but make no mistake their sound has the necessary balls and is far more grittier and raw than those of the majority of their colleagues.
Think a mix of early Sven Gali, Jones Street, Finster Baby and Bigg Mouth: a huge sound with a wall of guitars and grinding rhythms, great backing vocals, big pounding drums and the right amount of melody to keep the songs memorable. But of course the guys also have a sensitive side and they sure show it on the killer acoustic led “She’s Not In Love Anymore”.
Vocally mister Jimmy Tuttle can be described as a combination of Sebastian Bach, Tora Tora’s Anthony Corder and Dangerous Toys front man Jason McMaster. But Jimmy also handles the guitar parts along with Jeff and their delivery is sharp and precise like clock work while the rhythm section of bassist Brian Boozer and drummer Bret Blackburn produces the foundation for the band’s groovy, powerful sound.
Of the 6 tracks included on the original EP 5 are rockers which all get thumbs of from me but I want to give a special mention to the fast and furious “Guns 4 Hire” that can rival Skid Row’s “Slave To The Grind” for speed and heaviness and the by a monster riff driven “Bitch”.
Making this package complete is a first rate production job: thick, beefy and clear.
I enjoyed listening to this release and if you share my love for glam/hair metal you could do much worse than picking up a copy or at least give it the ear test. (PS)   see also, Rockhard, Spaced, Jeff Jones, Keester St. Elmo’s Fire)


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