VAMP LE STAT -Bloodline review in Rockingboy Germany “..8.5/10 !! has everything..and rocks like hell!!..”

1993 was the worst possible time for a couple of guys from Sacramento to release the 6-track “Blood Line” . VAMP LE STAT was founded in 1991, practically in the middle of global upheaval in the music scene.  Nevertheless,  Jimmy Tuttle (v., g.) (g.) Jeff Jones, Brian Boozer (b., k.) and Bret Blackburn (d.)  were undeterred and wrote these 6 songs at the “bat cave” with lots of strip clubs surrounding them. . . Now comes this re-release with 5 bonus tracks enriched version, for the fan who was at that time not lucky enough to discover them the first time.
A glance at the cover makes me shiver, I just love those old zombie style! And the opener “Madame Blue” begins with a dark intro that could also serve as the soundtrack for old Italian zombie flicks. After that, the song drags on nearly 7 ½ minutes, in the spirit of old SKID ROW, LOVE / HATE, or TESLA. Hammer! “Swing Child” is the speed of many the same: dark and very dangerous. “Bitch” is dirty and mangy, therefore, again a cool hit. The ballad “She’s Not In Love Anymore” eases the atmosphere is casually beautiful and a really nice cuddly tune. Provides a complete contrast as’ Guns 4 Hire ” killer double bass bursts, screaming guitar riffs and a  giant chorus. “Chain Around My Heart” concludes the original album
But that’s not enough, because there are still 5 other songs on the new version: “Madame Blue”, “Child Swing,” “She’s Not In Love Anymore ‘,’ Guns 4 Hire” and “Chain Around My Heart” as so-called Studio Reference mix. So a kind of beautiful  demo versions for the fan to listen to.
I must confess I have never heard of the band, although I am a big supporter of this time and this particular genre, but VAMP LE STAT convinced me fully. “Blood Line” has everything, this era of the 90’s to the early 1990s was so unique. And these Americans a few years earlier would be certain to land a major deal, because the songs on “Blood Line” are distinctive, well thought out and rock like hell! Do yourself a favor and listen to this part of cream. You can order this CD in a beautiful slipcase to the above Website or course, all MP-3 stores. (rated 8.5/10) see also Spaced, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Jeff Jones)


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