VAMP LE STAT Bloodline review in Sleaze-metal “ offers plenty of honest hard rock..”

Vamp Le Stat is from Sacramento, California. by singer / guitarist and creator Jeff Jones. (Formerly St Elmo’s Fire). On “Bloodline” it is the story of the vampire-stripper “Suzie” .”Madame Blue” tells this story and it runs through th album.

…it offers plenty of honest hard rock with a dash of Southern Rock and Blues. It can be oriented at Great White, The Graveyard Train, Britney Fox, Tora Tora, or Little Cesar, if you need comparisons.

Starts with the 7-minute opener “Madame Blue” on and you leave with a huge “swing Child” pounding a the path through the swampy regions of Florida and Louisiana.
…the thing for die-hard collector of music of the period.  (June 2011) see laso Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Spaced)


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