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VAMP LE STAT-Bloodline review in Hardrock info “..some really good songs here..”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Guitarist Jeff Jones is playing in this band (see seperate review about him).  Well, Jeff has written all the songs, and some of these songs are included on his “Rockhard ’86-’96” collection.
…there’s some really good songs here.  Stuff like “Guns 4 Hire”, which is a little faster and almost punk, (see also Rockhard, Spaced, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire)

VAMP LE STAT -Bloodline review in Glitter2Gutter “..8.5/10 rating! underground cult classic.!.”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Back in 1991, Vamp Le Stat was formed in Sacramento, CA when Jeff Jones, formerly of St. Elmo’s Fire, joined up with Tuttle, Boozer, and Blackburn.  The quartet took an odd approach to their music as they refused to do live performances, instead choosing to hole up and do nothing but write and rehearse in a warehouse they called the “Batcave”.  By 1993 they had enough material to complete their first album, Bloodline, which became something of an underground cult classic, as only 2,000 copies were pressed.  I had been looking for a copy for quite some time as I had been a fan of St. Elmo’s Fire and had managed to score a pretty crappy CD-R bootleg that sounded like a copy of a copy of a copy.  However, they either sold for a LOT of money on eBay (saw one go for $127 once), or the copies I found were, once again, just copies.

Fast forward to 2010 when Jeff Jones formed his own label, XXX Records, and managed to fully secure the rights to all of the Vamp Le Stat material.   He then remixed, remasterd, and repackaged this limited edition release which contains the original 6 tracks as well as 5 “studio reference mixes”, as well as some rare photos of the band.

For those who have never had the chance to hear Vamp Le Stat before, I would describe their sound as “horror hair”, I guess, although I don’t think that really does this band or this conceptual album justice.  The methodical, chugging opening track, complete with some very “Dracula”-inspired keyboards and a Keifer Sutherland monologue from The Lost Boys, sets the story of Madame Blue, a vampire-turned-stripper whose real name is Suzie.  “Swing Child” has an acoustic guitar thread running throughout it, giving it a feel not all that far removed from some of Jon Bon Jovi’s Young Guns II material, but heavier.  “Bitch” is easily the heaviest and angriest tune on the album and features a group shouted chorus and a scorching solo from Jones.

The next two tracks are my favorites on this album, with the big-time ballad “She’s Not In Love Anymore” starting off with the gentle roll of thunder, an acoustic guitar, and a piano before kicking in with the drums and another big guitar solo from Jones.  This song has a very catchy chorus to it and is on par with (or above) most anything released on those “Monster Ballad” releases of the past few years.  “Guns 4 Hire” picks things back up full-speed ahead as Blackburn opens the albums’s fastest number with a nice machine-gun-fire quick drum intro with Tuttle’s snarling vocals and Jones’ guitars kicking things up yet another notch.  Album closer, “Chain Around My Heart” is a moody-feeling song, again featuring some almost gothic-sounding piano over some synthesized strings for the first 90 seconds or so, which are then buried by an onslaught of thick guitar chords and pounding drums with Tuttle in full-Vince Neil vocal mode on this track.  Another
solid, solid tune that rounds out (for now…hint, hint) the story of Madame Blue/Suzie.            

The last five tracks here are the “studio reference mixes” of all the previous tracks with the exception of “Bitch”.  “

As I have mentioned, lead vocalist Tuttle sounds at times like Vince Neil, at other times like Bret Michaels, and even occasionally like Sebastian Bach, but it is a combination that works very well throughout the album.  Jones is the primary songwriter here, but its his guitar work that is of particular note as it shows more depth than a lot of material put out by Vamp Le Stat’s contemporaries, especially since so many bands had decided to catch the grunge wave that was ripping through the nation.  Heavy and melodic at the same time, Jones’ talents are on display throughout the album, although his sound is more bluesy/hair metal-styled than the typically classic hard rock sound he delivered with St. Elmo’s Fire.  Boozer and Blackburn are a more than competent rhythm section for the band, and the overall sound is very clean and tight and the production is top-notch, especially considering the indie nature of the release.  I truly feel that had this band been able to release this album a couple of years earlier, Vamp Le State would likely have been pounced on by a major label.    

I am very glad I was finally able to score a proper sounding version of this album because it is truly a lost gem.  I do wish this was in a jewel case, as we all know about my complete disdain of digipacks and slip-cases, but the music is what I was after here, and that is what counts.  For those who want to hear what they are missing, check out the videos posted HERE.  Otherwise, just get over to the XXX store and order this great release!

Rating:  Crank this one to a long-awaited 8.5! (See also Rockhard, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Spaced)

VAMP LE STAT- Bloodline review in Powermetal “.. 8.5/10 rating..stadium-suited glam at its finest!!..”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

A nostalgic CD,  and now it has  enormously cult status. The pride of Sacramento, California native VAMP LE STAT gives fans  a re-release of their legendary debut album  “Blood Line” from 1993. At that time, equipped with only six songs, this underground classic is now 18 years old,  and in terms of presentation and sound it is still quite impressive. But let us start with the actual songs…

It’s initiated by an atmospheric intro, roars the opener ‘Madame Blue’ in a very straightforward manner from the speakers. Armed with a catchy chorus, perched here above all the vocal power of a Jimmy Tuttle.  Then ‘Swing Child’ fits perfectly into that 90-sound, sounding as good as  SKID ROW, BON JOVI MÖTLEY CRÜE . Anthemic and dirty is  ‘Bitch’ , a piece which was burning at that time just waiting to be thrown into the halls of the world. Cheesy and in the best Guns’n ROSES-style. Lighters are eventually elevated to ‘She’s Not In Love Anymore’, before the quartet begin with ‘Guns 4 Hire’ moving like  an immense train, highlighted with a double bass rhythm.. A celebration for every hard-rocker. ‘Chain Around My Heart’ ends “Bloodline” again with a powerful chorus.

You can argue  over the meaning and the nonsense of such re-releases. But the fact  that XXX Records honored these underground heroes the opportunity to play again in the ears and hearts of glam rockers. At least for me, the Californians were successful with that endeavor, …the five additional bonus tracks on the re-release  is a nice feature, . Anyway, great record, great songs and a sadly underrated band.

Playing tips: Madame Blue, Guns 4 Hire

Rating: 8.5 / 10 ( see also Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Rockhard, Jeff Jones)

Vamp Le Stat -Bloodline CD Review in Metal Observer “..what Zep would have sounded like if they ever made a glam album..”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

The original release of VAMP LE STAT’s “Bloodline” EP was marred by unfortunate timing. By 1993, the world had already forgotten about Metal, . Grunge was in, Metal was out, and suddenly an EP like “Bloodline,” which would’ve moved quite a few units back in 1987. XXX Records has seen fit to give the band a second chance by re-releasing “Bloodline,” long since out of print, this time with five bonus tracks.

…Tracks like “Swing Child” and “Bitch” are  Glam songs, possibly a teensy bit heavier than SLAUGHTER and other stuff you’d find on the radio. .., and the opener on “Bloodline,” “Madame Blue,” sounds very much like LED ZEPPELIN would’ve sounded like if they had ever made   a Glam album

The best track on the EP is “She’s Not In Love Anymore,” a heartfelt acoustic ballad. It’s a calm, well-executed song that probably would’ve got some decent airplay had it been released during the height of the Glam explosion. “Guns 4 Hire” is pretty decent too, showing a faster side of the band ala DOKKEN’s “Tooth And Nail.”  (June 2011)  See also Rockhard, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire)

Vamp Le Stat, Keester and Jeff Jones in Redeye Radio rotation

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

The Redeye Radio Network, one of the largest rock stations on the internet have added songs from Vamp le Stat, Keester and Jeff Jones to their regular around the clock playlists.

Currently you can hear “Green” from  the Jeff Jones’ CD “Rockhard Vol 2″ , as well as”Hell to Pay” from Jones’ “Spaced” album. From Keester the songs “Nothing at All” and “Get it Again” are now in regular rotation as well.

And from Vamp Le Stat you can hear “Bitch” from “Bloodline” and “Thrill of the Kill” from “Bloodline 2”

XXX Records would like to thank everyone at Redeye but especially Norma Jean ,the world’s internet radio queen,  as well as Freedom Helena at the Sleaze train . Ya’ll Rock!!!

St. Elmo’s Fire and Vamp le Stat featured on Redeye Radio Network!

Thursday, 5 May, 2011

XXX Records America artists Vamp Le Stat , St. Elmo’s Fire and Jeff Jones are now getting airplay on one the internet’s largest rock radio networks, the Redeye Radio Network. Tonight March 5th from 7-10pm pacific time,  the queen of rock radio, Norma Jean, will be featuring XXX Records America and playing songs from several albums from Vamp Le Stat, Jeff Jones and St. Elmo’s Fire. You can catch the show here Redeye Radio Network

XXX Records would also like to thank Helena at Redeye  Radio for her support and playing our music also!!!



Saturday, 19 February, 2011

XXX RECORDS AMERICA will be posting several rediscovered VLS videos from their club performances in 1993 and 1994!
Including shows opening for Quiet Riot and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt,
They contain songs from Bloodline, Bloodline 2 and their live album plus footage of Zakk Wylde playing with Vamp Le Stat.
Vamp was one of Zakk’s favorites and they opened for Pride and Glory whenever they were in Northern California.
Please check out the “VIDEOS” link to give ‘em a look. XXX will be posting more live Vamp le Stat videos every so often so keep checking back

Vamp Le Stat news

Saturday, 19 February, 2011

BLOODLINE: “you never grow old..and you never die!”

XXX RECORDS AMERICA is proud to present the re-issue of VAMP LE STAT’s legendary 1993 release of “Bloodline:Rites of Passage”
There have been other reissues before of this album but never like this.!
In this 2011 limited edition collector’s package you not only get the original Bloodline remastered and sounding better than ever, but the original reference studio tracks of the songs the band used before the album was completed. It gives the VLS fan a new insight into the songs and the band itself.
Also it comes in a 4 panel ecopak with lots of cool previously unseen photos of Vamp le Stat between 1992 and 1994.!!



Yes that’s right. It’s true. The follow up to “Bloodline :Rites of Passage” has been released on XXX RECORDS AMERICA.
Vamp Le Stat recorded it in 1994, a year after the first Bloodline album, but was shelved after the departure of guitarist/ songwriter Jeff Jones.
“Bloodline 2 : Thrill of the Kill” (B2:TOTK) is now ready to take its rightful place alongside the original. The tapes for the album have been sitting in a garage in California for over 15 years and have finally been rediscovered!
It continues the story of the incredibly seductive Suzie (Madame Blue) who just happens to be a stripper with a taste for blood!
B2:TOTK comes in a limited edition 4 panel ecopak packaging with many photos of the band included.


Put yourself in the front row of one rocks best live bands.
Unless you lived in California in the early ‘90’s you missed out on what` people there knew for sure, Vamp looked cool, played the coolest songs, had the coolest show, they were just…COOL!
Here’s your chance to hear what those fans experienced every time Vamp rolled into town.
This concert, taped in 1994 was unique because they played almost all new material, but their fans couldn’t get enough. The good news was that the show was hotter than hell, the bad news was the band broke up right afterwards when Jeff and Brian left!
Well something like that!
This 7 track album comes in a limited edition package with photos of live VLS included!


XXX RECORDS AMERICA will be posting several rediscovered VLS videos from their club performances in 1993 and 1994!
Including shows opening for Quiet Riot and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt,
They contain songs from Bloodline, Bloodline 2 and their live album plus footage of Zakk Wylde playing with Vamp Le Stat.
Vamp was one of Zakk’s favorites and they opened for Pride and Glory whenever they were in Northern California.
Please check out the “VIDEOS” link to give ‘em a look. XXX will be posting more live Vamp le Stat videos every so often so keep checking back