Vamp Le Stat

She’s Not in Love

Can’t You See (with Zakk Wylde)

Vamp le Stat- Best of

Chain Around My Heart

Swing Child

Sweet Home Alabama (with Zakk Wylde)

Another Night in Hell 


Cantina Woman

Guns 4 Hire 

Back on the Pole 



Shattered Love 


St Elmo’s Fire (early years)) 

Don’t Give A Damn [ 2011]

Really in Love (1984)

Summertime Girls (1984)

More Than The Air (1984)

Real Life (1984)

Another Runner (1984)

Criminal (1984)

Too Bad (1984)




JJ Jonasson 2011 promotional video








Keester promotional video








Cabo Wabo Jam

Rock Candy

Leavin’ You

Jonesy’s Boogie

Mississippi Wine (live 1996)

Bad Reputation (Live 1996)

Bad Woman Blues (live 1996)

Desert Song (live 1996)





ST ELMO’S FIRE (1985-1993)

Fade to Black/ Into the Night

Warning From The Sky

Gonna Get Wild

Can’t Explain


Livin’ After Midnite

Breaking Out (1987 tour rehearsal)

Inside of the Hunter (1987 tour rehearsal)

Into the Night (1987 tour rehearsal )

Warning From The Sky (1987 tour rehearsal)

World Gone Insane (1987 tour rehearsal)

Gonna Get Wild ( live 1990)

Hearts on Fire (live 1991)

Hot n\’ Love (live 1991)

Caught in the Heartbreak





Without You

Gonna Get Wild (1991 Cocoa Beach Florida)

Breaking Out (live 1987 Hollywood)

Caught in the heartbreak ( 1988 promotional video)

Too Bad (live 1987 )

Don\’t Want Your Love

                                            DEAD ON CLUB 



Don’t Mess With Me


Down To Me