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MISS CRAZY in the studio recording new album.

Thursday, 23 January, 2014

MISS CRAZY is currently  recording in California for a new album scheduled for release in the next few months. More updates to follow.

Jeff Jones joins MISS CRAZY.

Thursday, 23 January, 2014

Guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones, who’s previous bands included St. Elmo’s Fire and Vamp Le Stat, is now officially a member of Hollywood rockers MISS CRAZY.
It is a reunion of sorts with MISS CRAZY singer and guitarist Markus Allen Christopher . In the ‘90’s both musicians were in the hair metal group “Amsterdam” based in the Bay Area. Jones appeared on the “Santa Clara Syndicate” and “B.U.R.S.T “ albums as guitarist and writer.

Vamp le Stat CD’s on Heavy Harmonies Best of 2011 list

Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

Heavy Harmonies, “The Hard Rock and AOR Reference “on the Internet,

has just released their annual list for best rock albums of last year.

Vamp le Stat named to 2011 Best Album list

Making the list was XXX RECORDS AMERICA recording artist VAMP LE STAT. In fact the band was picked twice for both their “BLOODLINE 2: THRILL OF THE KILL” ,the sequel to the hugely popular  “BLOODLINE: RITES OF PASSAGE”, and concert album “MUSIC TO STRIP TO ’95 LIVE” .

Jeff Jones featured artist on Red Eye Radio Network in September

Sunday, 4 September, 2011

One the largest internet rock radio networks on the web, the Red Eye Radio Network has chosen JEFF JONES as their featured artist this month.

Red Eye has been a great supporter of XXX Records America since the labels formation earlier this year and continues to play in regular rotation tracks from ST. ELMO’S FIRE, VAMP LE STAT , KEESTER as well songs from Jeff’s solo albums.

Please visit Red Eye Radio to hear and see Jeff and learn more about one of rocks greatest radio networks!


JEFF JONES-Rockhard ’86-’96 review in Rockingboy “..8/10..a collection of 13 stunning songs..”

Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Jeff Jones has re-released on his label XXX Records America several slices of his past. Including some records of the glam rockers VAMP LE STAT and from ST. ELMO’S FIRE. Under the banner of “Rock Hard ’86 – ’96” there are again some of the works of this American guitarist / songwriter. If you like, this record is a kind of Best Of ..  included are solo pieces, songs of VAMP LE STAT and  in particular ST. ELMO’S FIRE. This band was indeed founded in 1978 and released their last disc in 1992 .. There are four songs from it 1988 Album “Warning From The Sky”, 2 songs from the 1990 album “Power Drive” and 2 from the 1986 debut ‘St. Elmo’s Fire. “In addition to these pieces were also  3 more of VAMP LE STAT and their 1993’s release “Blood Line” and a song of Jeff’s solo album “Spaced. ” Also there is a demo version of “Breakin Out “.
“Rock Hard ’86 – ’96” is a beautiful collection of  13 stunning songs, which is due to  the talent of Jeff Jones , for he has always had raw talent for Metal / Hard Rock without frills or fanfare. Glossy fetishists are indeed at the wrong address, but every real Metal Head can  go into the time machine and make a dignified journey into the world of Jeff Jones – and there is a lot to discover. It’s worth it! 8/10 points

see also Spaced. Keester

JEFF JONES-Rockhard ’86-’96 in Strutterzine ” .. great classic ’80’s US metal..8 /10 points!..”

Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Californian guitarist JEFF JONES has already a long history behind him, releasing quite a lot records with different bands and projects, although his main band was ST. ELMO’S FIRE. I actually bought a CD of this band more than 20 years ago and remember until this day I had a good time listening to the DOKKENish Melodic Hardrock of the band. Now in 2011, Jeff has his own label, on which he has released most of his back catalogue. He was kind enough to sent me 4 CDs, VAMP LE STAT and KEESTER being the more modern sounding Hardrock albums, but his solo-CD ‘Rockhard 86-96’ contains some great classic 80s material actually, which is not weird when you will note that most of the tunes on that CD are taken from the ST. ELMO’S FIRE albums. That band released 4 records, of which I am only familiar with 1, so a lot of songs are new to me. The music is very 1980s Melodic Hardrock/Metal orientated, not too far removed from bands like RIOT, THE RODS, FIFTH
ANGEL and such. Especially the songs “Into the Night” and “Caught in the heartbreak” are really excellent tunes, resembling the classic 1980s US Melodic Metal sound. Therefore I am very interested in the 5 (!) CD releases of ST. ELMO’S FIRE that are also available on XXX RECORDS. Anyway, the other solo-CD of JEFF JONES is more in the Blues vein, . To be continued hopefully soon with coverage on Jeff’s 1980s band ST. ELMO’S FIRE, whom are even recording a new CD at the moment.  (see also Spaced and Keester)

JEFF JONES- Rockhard ’86-’96- Mundorock review “..9/10 stars!!..recommended..”

Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Jeff Jones has created the label XXX Records, which is responsible for publishing many of his solo recording projects and different bands which he participated in. And what a great success! And thanks to this effort has been releasing many musical gems that had been hidden over the years.

This “Rockhard ’86-’96” is a collection of diverse material from Jeff. It represents his music both as a solo artist as well as St. Elmo’s Fire and Vamp Le Stat. So you may notice the progression and changes over the years. But always with high quality every step of the way.

The sound from his time with St. Elmo’s Fire are different because they show  more of a  harder  rock style, with influences of bands like Dokken and Stryper. Then it passes through Vamp Le Stat Jeff shows a more sleazier side with sounds, close to bands like LA Guns. And finally, the solo tracks are more traditional rock and roll, sort of “Americana.”

In conclusion, a good appetizer to review the music of Jeff Jones. Recommended. (see also Keester and Spaced)
(Review by Diego Ramírez, May 2011)

JEFF JONES Rockhard -’86-’96 review in Metal Integral “..17/20 rating… excellent..!”

Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Jeff JONES is the founding guitarist of the group ST ELMO’S FIRE , American group that had released four albums!
St Elmo’s Fire in 1986 (on DREAM RECORDS/CBS the French label), Warning From The Sky in 1988 (on BELLAPHON in Germany), Powerdrive in 1990 (on BLACK DRAGON/BMG / France) and Desperate Yearsi n 1992 (BLACK DRAGON).
And also we  needto add the very rare first  single of 1982 ( Really In Love / Too Bad).
… in 1993, Jeff JONES joined the US group VAMP LE STAT that released one of the rarities of glam rock in  1993,Bloodline.

Then Jeff JONES leaves VAMP LE STAT to realize an album solo ,Ride that wet out in 1995.

This time, Jeff appears on some albums as a ” guest “, and in 2010 it creates the label XXX RECORDS that will release all the albums of ST ELMO’S FIRE and of VAMP LE STAT as well as his album solo and its unpublished titles.n
A reformation of ST ELMO’S FIRE is in the works and an announced album for the at the end of 2011!
XXX RECORDS will equally produce American groups of Hard Rock /Heavy 80’s!

This compilation  isvery well are presented in a digipack , and in limited editions!

This compilation contains eight titles of ST ELMO’S FIRE, three of VAMP LE STAT , one of Jeff JONES solo and an unpublished Breakin’Out demo version, excellent to “the German one” ).  (see also Space, Keester)

Style: Hard Rock /Heavy Metal
Artistic Party: 3,5/5
Interests for the Fans of 80’s Heavy Metal: 5/5
Interests for the Fans of traditional Metal usually: 3,5/5
RASKAL The French Warrior: 17/20
RASKAL THE Objective: 17/20

JEFF JONES- Rockhard ’86-’96 CD review in Metal Excess “good collection of raw Sunset Stripped rock!..”

Wednesday, 20 July, 2011

Jeff Jones is a songwriter/guitarist/producer that has been in a number bands over the years. He was a founding member of St. Elmo’s Fire (formed in 1978 in California) and played in the glam band Vamp Le Stat in the early ’90s. He also has worked a solo artist and has started up XXX Records America in order to reissue his previous works and to release new material as well. This album is a compilation that spotlights his work in St. Elmo’s Fire, Vamp Le Stat and solo material.

I’ll be honest with you, I am not familiar with Jeff Jones, St. Elmo’s Fire or Vamp Le Stat. In fact, I’d never heard of any of them so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I popped this disc in. I really didn’t know where this guy got off issuing a compilation when I’d never heard of him! Truth be told, I’m happy to have this disc in my collection. This is an album that takes you back to the glory days of the Sunset Strip! The album is chock full of enough glam and hair to make you wonder just why none of these bands caught a major break. I could understand Vamp Le Stat not making it in the early ’90s but it is the St. Elmo’s Fire material is strong enough that it should’ve built up a buzz for the band in the ’80s.

Hair metal junkies will definitely get their fix on this one. This isn’t polished pop-metal, it’s no frills hair METAL. RockHard is a good collection of raw Sunset Stripped rock ‘n’ roll and I’m interested in hearing the rest of XXX’s reissues. So yes, Jeff Jones has some nerve… and I’m glad he does!

Highlights: “Gonna Get Wild”, “Madame Blue”, “Caught In The Heartbreak”, “Powerdrive”, “Hot n’ Love”, “Bitch”, “Chain Around My Heart”

(see also Spaced Vamp Le Stat

JEFF JONES- Rockhard ’86-’96 review in Bearockr “..a MUST for rock and roll fanatics!..”

Wednesday, 20 July, 2011

We recently got to hear guitarist, songwriter and producer Jeff Jones’ album ‘RockHard’, featuring his music with the band ‘St. Elmos’, as well other acts he was associated with. Jeff was a founding member of St. Elmos Fire and was also in Vamp le Stat from 1993- 1995 during the “Bloodline” era.

The album began with a glam rock headbanging soundtrack in ‘Gonna get wild’, and well, its actually true to its title too ! Next up was a classic rock piece, ‘Madame blue’ which had a nice change in the vocals and great harmonization.

‘Mississippi wine’ was filled with  clean guitaring, a nice pattern and a great acoustic sound, that are perfectly well recorded. The guitar riff and vocals in the track ‘Caught in the heartbreak’ were so wonderful in bringing forth the emotions in the song. Jeff’s voice showed the expressions and the drums showed the power. The bass maintained the balance in between very well. Excellent coordination !

‘Don’t Drop it’ had a different beginning from the rest, and it was actually a welcome change that even I was expecting to see at some point in the album, though the drums didn’t amuse me much.

Well yeah, Guitar players must have heard of ‘Overdrive’ in their pedals, but how about ‘Powerdrive’ ? That’s what the next track is called! An awesome hard Riff, creative guitaring. excellent vocals and a powerful chorus sums up this track. Moving on to ‘Hot n’ love’, technically speaking, this one’s a strong soundtrack with a very power packed rhythm section.

‘Into the night’ was kinda my favorite in terms of the intros in other songs of the album.
‘Warning from the sky’ had an even more rocking intro, but later on, it lost the charm, but the chorus vocals turned out to be amazing.

The album then finally got off to a rock n roll finish with ‘Breaking Out’, loaded with a very impressive, strong, and speedy intro and amazing drum rolls. I bet you’ll be rewinding the intro a lot many times in this one!

Well, Overall, this album is a MUST for a Rock n Roll fanatic. Power packed riffs, headbanging rhythm, and amazing vocals: What else were you craving for, eh ?
see also Spaced, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Vamp le Stat