JEFF JONES-Rockhard ’86-’96 in Strutterzine ” .. great classic ’80’s US metal..8 /10 points!..”

Californian guitarist JEFF JONES has already a long history behind him, releasing quite a lot records with different bands and projects, although his main band was ST. ELMO’S FIRE. I actually bought a CD of this band more than 20 years ago and remember until this day I had a good time listening to the DOKKENish Melodic Hardrock of the band. Now in 2011, Jeff has his own label, on which he has released most of his back catalogue. He was kind enough to sent me 4 CDs, VAMP LE STAT and KEESTER being the more modern sounding Hardrock albums, but his solo-CD ‘Rockhard 86-96’ contains some great classic 80s material actually, which is not weird when you will note that most of the tunes on that CD are taken from the ST. ELMO’S FIRE albums. That band released 4 records, of which I am only familiar with 1, so a lot of songs are new to me. The music is very 1980s Melodic Hardrock/Metal orientated, not too far removed from bands like RIOT, THE RODS, FIFTH
ANGEL and such. Especially the songs “Into the Night” and “Caught in the heartbreak” are really excellent tunes, resembling the classic 1980s US Melodic Metal sound. Therefore I am very interested in the 5 (!) CD releases of ST. ELMO’S FIRE that are also available on XXX RECORDS. Anyway, the other solo-CD of JEFF JONES is more in the Blues vein, . To be continued hopefully soon with coverage on Jeff’s 1980s band ST. ELMO’S FIRE, whom are even recording a new CD at the moment.  (see also Spaced and Keester)


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