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KEESTER CD review in Powermetal Webzine “… pop punk feel good songs with distinctive memorable riffs!…”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

The band’s name Keester, an American slang term for “ass,” and is  the band ofVAMP LE STAT-musicians Bret “Flash” Blackburn , and Jeff Jones on guitar,

But what makes the typical keester sound, anyway? On a total of twelve tracks of their self-titled debut work are the typical feel-good songs, coupled with distinctive, memorable riffs and a neat portion college pop-punk that really catches your ear.

Usually in the mid-tempo side, Brett sings ‘Get It Again’, ‘Nothing At All’ and the hard rock-heavy “I Like It This Way , and with’ Stand Beside You ‘ a soft-punk number that takes control. Then the album speeds up a little with songs like  ‘Let’s Get High’ , which would be perfect on the soundtrack of any college-teen-movie !.

But at least here you notice the structure of the songs: Quiet verses with  catchy choruses before the verses gain the upper hand again after that. This pattern runs through the entire debut disc.

Playing tips: Get It Again, Lets Get High

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Keester cd review in Mundorock “ 90/100 rating..entertaining album…uncompromising riffs simple but infectious..”..

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Jeff Jones is a guitarist Californian who has worked on various projects since the early eighties. Perhaps the best known among fans is St. Elmo’s Fire,  in which the group released four albums  that  have become objects of worship. After that, he formed another band called Vamp Le Stat, well directed to the sleaze. After that in the mid-nineties he reunited with his former partner, drummer Bret Blackburn, in a new project called Keester.

Keester is much more aimed at the punk sound with some hard rock tones and more modern styles. It’s quite strange but the mix can go from bands like Weezer to Motorhead. It means that the result is an entertaining album well representing  all of these styles, which comes to light only in 2010 thanks to XXX Records, from  the label’s very own Jeff Jones.

“Get It Again” is  a declaration of intent of what you hear during the rest of the album. Rock uncompromising riffs simple but infectious  that will delight fans of punk power in the mid-nineties. .., the songs can be heard very well. Another highlight is “Let’s Get High” theme moved pretty much like Ramones. Recommended.

Keester CD review in Meddazarock Germany “..honest, raw, earthy timeless rock..8/10 rating!…”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Keester what is a “keester”? I’ll tell you. “keester” colloquially means “Ass”, which was the original name of the band. With this background knowledge you can then understand a bare buttock of packaged in jeans ass of the cover art-work. And who is behind keester? Multi-talented Jeff Jones, and Bret Blackburn, who here plays guitar and acts as a front man. The music is billed as “Power Pop Punk Trash Metal “.  Ok, Ok, Ok, there is likely something for everyone. Honest, raw, earthy – timeless rock, spiced with a touch of punk and a little grunge. The songs range from dark and profound, as in “I Hate You” or “I Like It This Way”, to more hopeful like “I Want To Be Somebody”. These  two men understood their craft, because of that and  because I’m old school rock they get 8 points from me (Melanie)    June 2011

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Keester CD review in Rockingboy Germany “…Keester brings a little light into this world!…”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Keester is actually a slang word from the English for “ass”, which perhaps explains the cover with the , haha! Behind the band is members of  Sleaze rockers VAMP LE STAT, namely guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones and drummer Bret Blackburn, but also plays guitar and sings keester.

The disc begins with “Get It Again” pretty spacey, muffled guitar sound, sort of grunge-y. “Nothing At All”  goes in the direction of punk – and since we are already at the euphemism for the keester sound: power pop punk thrash metal these are the guys from Sacramento, aha! Quite comprehensive, this orientation. And actually, when I look at songs like “Alone” (great NIRVANA type sound), “I Like It This Way” or “Made Up My Mind” listen, all styles come into play, at least in some way. …
, one must know also that this album was created in 1997,  at a time that classic heavy metal was practically dead and the music world was looking pretty depressed . But with Keester although they had dark songs also (Like the above mentioned), they also had songs like “Stand Beside You,” “Let’s Get High” and “I Want to Be Somebody” to bring a little light into this world.
“Keester” is not for people of cheerful natures,   you can judge that after the first hearing on  CD ….. Keester is definitely the darkest project by Jeff Jones, who was previously with VAMP LE STAT and ST. ELMO’S FIRE which have created such furor in the past.   (July 2011)

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Keester CD review in Metal Observer “`excellent marriage of 80’s glam metal and 90’s punk..a must buy!…”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

After their previous Glam Metal band, VAMP LE STAT, members Bret “Flash” Blackburn (drums) and Jeff Jones (guitar) decided to try a new angle by forming KEESTER. The band sounds a heck of a lot like VAMP LE STAT, except Blackburn and Jones have thrown in a bunch of Pop-Punk elements, immediately making the album much more accessible than VAMP LE STAT’s temperamental “Bloodline.” For the most part, KEESTER is a better, more fun band than its predecessor,

…most of the songs on KEESTER’s debut are upbeat and fun. The sunny Pop-Punk tracks lend an aura of levity to KEESTER that was more or less absent from VAMP LE STAT’s debut. Stuff like “Let’s Get High” and “I Wanna Be Somebody” represent an excellent marriage of ‘80s Glam Metal and ‘90s Punk, presenting simplified ‘80s riffs with catchy shout-long choruses. … a must-buy for sure.

(see also Rockhard, Jeff Jones, Spaced, St. Elmo’s Fire)

KEESTER CD review in Hard Rock info “..this`is really good!..”

Tuesday, 19 July, 2011

Guess what.. Jeff Jones is involved in this band too! I got 4 CD’s from XXX Records, and he’s playing on all of them. Wouldn’t surprise me if XXX Records is owned by Jeff himself, haha. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Just a “funny” little note to entertain you.,,,
KEESTER is a duo with  guitarist Jeff and  drummer Bret Blackburn formerly of glam stars VAMP le STAST, What’s the point? Having fun, huh? Whatever! As long as it’s good I shouldn’t complain, and this is  really good and more varied song- wise  than Jeff’s other stuff, so what am I whining for?   (June 2011)

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Vamp Le Stat, Keester and Jeff Jones in Redeye Radio rotation

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

The Redeye Radio Network, one of the largest rock stations on the internet have added songs from Vamp le Stat, Keester and Jeff Jones to their regular around the clock playlists.

Currently you can hear “Green” from  the Jeff Jones’ CD “Rockhard Vol 2″ , as well as”Hell to Pay” from Jones’ “Spaced” album. From Keester the songs “Nothing at All” and “Get it Again” are now in regular rotation as well.

And from Vamp Le Stat you can hear “Bitch” from “Bloodline” and “Thrill of the Kill” from “Bloodline 2”

XXX Records would like to thank everyone at Redeye but especially Norma Jean ,the world’s internet radio queen,  as well as Freedom Helena at the Sleaze train . Ya’ll Rock!!!

What is a KEESTER?

Saturday, 19 February, 2011

Well in case you don’t know a KEESTER is a powerpunkpopthrashy band with an album out now on XXX RECORDS AMERICA.
KEESTER is the brainchild of former Vamp le Stat veterans drummer/vocalist Bret Blackburn and guitarist Jeff Jones.