KEESTER CD review in Hard Rock info “..this`is really good!..”

Guess what.. Jeff Jones is involved in this band too! I got 4 CD’s from XXX Records, and he’s playing on all of them. Wouldn’t surprise me if XXX Records is owned by Jeff himself, haha. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Just a “funny” little note to entertain you.,,,
KEESTER is a duo with  guitarist Jeff and  drummer Bret Blackburn formerly of glam stars VAMP le STAST, What’s the point? Having fun, huh? Whatever! As long as it’s good I shouldn’t complain, and this is  really good and more varied song- wise  than Jeff’s other stuff, so what am I whining for?   (June 2011)

(see also Rockhard, Vamp le Stat, Jeff Jones)


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