Keester CD review in Meddazarock Germany “..honest, raw, earthy timeless rock..8/10 rating!…”

Keester what is a “keester”? I’ll tell you. “keester” colloquially means “Ass”, which was the original name of the band. With this background knowledge you can then understand a bare buttock of packaged in jeans ass of the cover art-work. And who is behind keester? Multi-talented Jeff Jones, and Bret Blackburn, who here plays guitar and acts as a front man. The music is billed as “Power Pop Punk Trash Metal “.  Ok, Ok, Ok, there is likely something for everyone. Honest, raw, earthy – timeless rock, spiced with a touch of punk and a little grunge. The songs range from dark and profound, as in “I Hate You” or “I Like It This Way”, to more hopeful like “I Want To Be Somebody”. These  two men understood their craft, because of that and  because I’m old school rock they get 8 points from me (Melanie)    June 2011

(see also Vamp Le Stat, Spaced, Jeff Jones, St. Elmo’s Fire)


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