Keester cd review in Mundorock “ 90/100 rating..entertaining album…uncompromising riffs simple but infectious..”..

Jeff Jones is a guitarist Californian who has worked on various projects since the early eighties. Perhaps the best known among fans is St. Elmo’s Fire,  in which the group released four albums  that  have become objects of worship. After that, he formed another band called Vamp Le Stat, well directed to the sleaze. After that in the mid-nineties he reunited with his former partner, drummer Bret Blackburn, in a new project called Keester.

Keester is much more aimed at the punk sound with some hard rock tones and more modern styles. It’s quite strange but the mix can go from bands like Weezer to Motorhead. It means that the result is an entertaining album well representing  all of these styles, which comes to light only in 2010 thanks to XXX Records, from  the label’s very own Jeff Jones.

“Get It Again” is  a declaration of intent of what you hear during the rest of the album. Rock uncompromising riffs simple but infectious  that will delight fans of punk power in the mid-nineties. .., the songs can be heard very well. Another highlight is “Let’s Get High” theme moved pretty much like Ramones. Recommended.


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