Jeff Jones- “Dirty Job”

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Guitarist Jeff Jones returns with “Dirty Job”, his first album of new material since :Ride” It’s loaded with mega catchy guitar riffs a-la Cult and Circus of Power. Its actually the first part of a two part record that includes “Spaced” which he wrote and recorded at the same time. Jones was a member of St. Elmos Fire, Vamp Le Stat, Keester and several other bands during the 80’s and 90’s.

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records
Artist: Jeff Jones
Catalog No.: XXX015
Title: Dirty Job


1. All Over Town

2. Can’t Get Enuff

3. Lovin’ Me ( Is a Dirty Job)

4. Wreck Me

5. Devil Woman

6. Pure H.O.G.

7. Dead and Gone

8. Cyanide Kiss

9. Can’t Always Want (What You Get)

10. Pretty Poison

11. Take Me Home

12. Shot Me Down

13. Down

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Jeff Jones : “ Dirty Job”