Jeff Jones- “Ride”

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Jeff Jones “Ride”

“Ride”, originally released in 1995 by Border Records, was the first Jeff Jones album following his departure from VAMP LE STAT the previous year. The CD is a collection of songs Jones had been writing and recording for several years prior to Leaving Vamp Le Stat Includes his hit, “Mississippi Wine”

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records
Artist: Jeff Jones
Catalog No.: XXB-001
Title: Ride


1. Black Rain

2. Mississippi Wine

3. Desert Song

4. Bad Woman Blues


6. Ten Days Gone

7. For You

8. Border Blind

9. No Pain

10, Circle of Love

11. Wicked Man

12.Southbound Train

13. Bad Reputation

14All Outta Love

15 Ghost Town/Crucified