JJ Jonasson- “California”

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This album chronicles events and experiences from his days growing up and living in his home state. This CD also contains some of Jonassons most current songs including “Solid Gold Love” , “All You Need is Me” and “Countin’ on Love”.

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records America
Artist: JJ Jonasson
Catalog No.: XXX030
Title: California


1. Solid Gold Love

2. All You Need is Me

3. Labor of Love

4. You Got the Sun ( I Got the Rain)

5. Countin’ on Love

6. I Should Know this Ache by Heart

7. Tyin’ Tin Cans to the Back of Your Car

8. Goin’ Goin’ Gone

9. Abilene

10. Running Man

11. You’d Never do that to Me

12. Where do you Go?

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