Keester- “Keester”

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This 1997 album by Keester shows this was a band ahead of its time. They took a loud.raw and punkish guitar sound and mixed it with edgy and catchy pop vocals. The band was unashamedly willing to play any style as long as it rocked! This never before released CD features former Vamp L e Stat members Jeff Jones and Bret Blackburn.

CD Tracklisting

Label: XXX Records
Artist: Keester
Catalog No.: XXX060
Title: Keester

1. Get it Again

2. Nothing at All

3. Alone

4. I Like it This Way

5. Made up my Mind

6. Stand Beside You

7. Lets Get High

8. Don’t Know a Damn Thing

9. Pathetic

10. I Wanna Be Somebody

11. I Hate You

12. Nowhere

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