Tim and Jeff From St. Elmos Perform Together After 26 Years!

AAfter 26 years former lead singer, lyricist and Elmo co-founder Tim Raynor-Allwein will be reuniting with  guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones for two performances. Jeff and Tim started St. Elmos Fire in 1978 in Northern California and played their last gig together in Hollywood in 1985!

The first performance will be April 1st live on the radio in Astoria Oregon on KCUN from 10PM to midnight (Pacific Time). The broadcast will be streamed live and can be heard online by going to coastradio.org

Click the [LISTEN] tab at the top of the coastradio web page.

Jeff and Tim will perform several songs in the studio including “Really in Love” ,”Summertime Girls” , “Not Thru With You” and several others. They will also  play various tracks from their recently released 4 volume set “REALLY IN LOVE: Psycho Rockers ’79-’84” on XXX Records America.

On April 2  at 9PM they will be in concert at the Fort George Brewery in Astoria and will play an acoustic set of St. Elmo’s Fire tunes also from their “Really in Love ” CD set.