Jeff Jones “Spaced” CD Review in Mundorock ‘zine “..a great album of pure rock.. a sonic cocktail ..90/100 rating!!

North American guitarist Jeff Jones, known for having participated in bands such as St. Elmo’s Fire or Vamp Le stat, has created his own record label recently. This is XXX Records,  with which he has decided to publish material of diverse groups in which it participated and Jeff also has two works of his solo career.

On this occasion, has published “Spaced,” a sonic cocktail of twelve songs of pure rock and roll. Somehow, the music (and especially the image) of Jeff in the “Spaced” is quite similar to the famous Ted Nugent. American Rock with enough melody and at times their Southern accents. “Queen of Hollywood” is a perfect opening for this great album, track by track is going so great. “Resurrecting” at times has an affinity for bands such as THE Guns. Another high point of the album is “Not your love.”

In conclusion, note that this is a great album of pure rock and roll, where Jeff composes, sings and plays it all,, giving free rein to his infinite creativity. Recommended for all lovers of rock without compromise. (See also Rockhard, Keester, Vamp Le stat, St. Elmo’s Fire)


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