JEFF JONES -Rockhard ’86-’96 in Musiikreviews “…classic melodic metal…always reflecting compositional mastery..”

“Rock Hard” depicts the musician’s career points against each other, more precisely, songs of the  group. ELMO’S FIRE and VAMP LE STAT,
Of the former, the debut and the album “Power Drive” and “Warning From the Sky” are covered ( “Desperate Years” are left out), and “Bloodline”, his two successors in the recent past, were also published after 1996 . ST. ELMO’S FIRE offered for the typical eighties hard rock to heavy metal, . On “Gonna Get Wild” or “Madame Blue” (hard grooving Doomer) ruled, however, still credible street attitude and rudimentary yet effective game with accurate melodies between SKID ROW, DOKKEN or SPREAD EAGLE, Exciting, but always reflecting compositional mastery of what can be said of Jones’ solo  “Mississippi Wine”
VAMP LE STAT turn out a greasy side, from the peppy “Bitch”. The gloomy Glam (already established trend in the doldrums in 1992) stand out mainly because of their singer Jimmy Tuttle, and also the performance of Jones seems far more passionate . “Chain Around My Heart” is ominous and heavy as lead, a child of the grunge drawn metal of the early nineties, CONCLUSION: JEFF JONES delivers under its own name, a charming showcase of songs tare . Classic melodic metal with  indestructible themes:

see also Spaced, Keester, Vamp Le Stat


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