Keester CD review in Rockingboy Germany “…Keester brings a little light into this world!…”

Keester is actually a slang word from the English for “ass”, which perhaps explains the cover with the , haha! Behind the band is members of  Sleaze rockers VAMP LE STAT, namely guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones and drummer Bret Blackburn, but also plays guitar and sings keester.

The disc begins with “Get It Again” pretty spacey, muffled guitar sound, sort of grunge-y. “Nothing At All”  goes in the direction of punk – and since we are already at the euphemism for the keester sound: power pop punk thrash metal these are the guys from Sacramento, aha! Quite comprehensive, this orientation. And actually, when I look at songs like “Alone” (great NIRVANA type sound), “I Like It This Way” or “Made Up My Mind” listen, all styles come into play, at least in some way. …
, one must know also that this album was created in 1997,  at a time that classic heavy metal was practically dead and the music world was looking pretty depressed . But with Keester although they had dark songs also (Like the above mentioned), they also had songs like “Stand Beside You,” “Let’s Get High” and “I Want to Be Somebody” to bring a little light into this world.
“Keester” is not for people of cheerful natures,   you can judge that after the first hearing on  CD ….. Keester is definitely the darkest project by Jeff Jones, who was previously with VAMP LE STAT and ST. ELMO’S FIRE which have created such furor in the past.   (July 2011)

(see also Rockhard, Spaced, Jeff Jones, St. Elmo’s Fire)


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