St. Elmo’s Fire (Jeff Jones) “Powerdrive” CD review in Overdose Magazine (France)

Is St. Elmo’s Fire Nothing more than a imitation of the Scorpions?
Assure yourself ladies and gentlemen that the music is not the same. Jeff Jones who wrote all the pieces offers a hard rock  foundation over simple riffs, an effective rhythm, melodic songs and choruses all in a perspectine of the scorpions.
There is a predominance of medium tempos ( “Gonna Get Wild”, “Iso;ation”, “Smoking Gun” ) yet you find a beautiful ballad “I need Your Touch” and two songs that are faster “Powerdrive” and “Street Lethal”
In my opinion the gem of the album is “City Behind the Walls” a choice seven minute piece providing a solid main riff, a particularly good chorus and a calm heavenly passage.

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