St. Elmo’s Fire (Jeff Jones ) “Desperate Years” review in LA VIE DES MICROBES France

…mixing several styles of hard rock today, this album can satisfy many metal  fans  “Chain Around My Heart” traces the ’70 ‘s  sounding like a new Led Zeppelin and Blue Cheer. Very good. It’s a strong hand! Then they mix four tracks of  good old melodic American metal , good quality.  3  Scorpions-like songs and 3 acoustic tracks (Mr.  Big and Extreme) rather successful, sounding really good. It should pass easily in radio (especially now). But above all there is EXCELLENT instrumental ” Rivethead JAM ” fantastic! Blues Boom ambience,  incredible way it reminds me of the ’70’s  (great ), the limit of psychedelia. Facinating guitar parts …. In addition to the end of the song, reminds me of drummer John Bonham. Eight minutes of  happiness of ’70 ‘s mixed with the ’90’ s (because the sound and some passages are definitely there!). It lsounds like a live jam.  “Desperate Years” is an album of very high quality (good sound, good songs, good musicians ) you will  love this!

(see also spaced and rockhard)


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