Vamp le Stat “Bloodline”review in Mundorock “…90/100 rating…it is rock of the purest angelic essence!..”

Vamp Le Stat is a U.S. group that formed in the early nineties. Jeff Jones, the guitarist for St. Elmo’s Fire  decides to start from a new musical adventure. But the group name  shouldn’t confuse you into thinking that you’re talking about gothic music or the like. Here it  is hard rock of the purest angelic essence .

In fact, the timbre of Jimmy Tuttle has many similarities with that of Phil Lewis of LA Guns. And Vamp Le Stat “Bloodline” has a definite  high sleaze develops sound, much along the lines of the bands on the Sunset Strip California.

“Bloodline” is a six-track EP, released originally in 1993. But the hand of Jeff Jones and his label XXX Records, in 2010 this album has been reissued with the inclusion of several remixes of the same songs. Vamp Le Stat really had a very interesting sound …, it is a totally recommended for fans of rock.  (90/100 rating)
Review by Diego Ramirez May 2011  (see also, Keester, Spaced, St. Elmo’s Fire)


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