VAMP LE STAT Bloodline CD review in Metal Integral France “..18 out 0f 20 rating !!…”

..the Vampiric adventures of the French noble young person of Lestat province – the imaginary Anne Rice character – caused fascination and caused followers. There is no doubt that  VAMP LE STAT used this legendary light-haired boy  as a starting point  and took it to  another level. This Californian formation of Glam/Hard-Rock was born in the 90 ‘ S, under the supervision of guitarist JEFF JONES (in the past a musician with ST. ELMO’S FIRE),  accompanied by singer Jimmy TUTTLE, bass player Brian BOOZER and beater Brett BLACKBURN.

… In the beginning, they were six-titles  now decorated today with five bonus tracks in this reissue  from XXX Records. VAMP LE STAT  was the stereotype of the American band at the end of the 80 ‘ S and at the beginning of 90 ‘ S  in the spirit of MOTLEY CRUE. The best piece, remain in my eyes Guns 4 Hire. The group serves up a pleasant ballad also – i.e. an semi-acoustics composition, semi-electric, sweetened choruses and an  piano in addition – entitled She’s Not In Love Anymore, . As regards to the  bonus tracks, there are remixes of  Madame Blue, Swing Child, She’s Not In Love Anymore, Guns 4 Hire and Chain Around My Heart. Rate it 18/20! (see also Spaced, Keester, St. Elmo’s Fire, Jeff Jones)


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